About Christians Got Talent (CGT)

Based on the success of shows like American Idol, Great Britain started a similar show, Britain’s Got Talent. It got us thinking about a Christian talent contest; perhaps it could be called Christians Got Talent.

Matthew 25:14-30 is the familiar parable of the talents. Three servants are given money (“talents”) to manage while their master is away on a trip.
Everyone has talents, gifts, and abilities. Even in the parable, the number of talents may be different, but each servant has at least one. God has endowed each of us with talent. Some of us are gifted in the arts. These people paint beautiful pictures or make glorious music with their voices or instruments. Some people can make wondrous things with their hands. Others cook delicious meals or have excellent mechanical skills. Still others can build things and grow things. The list of talents is as endless as our imaginations. It doesn’t take a great deal of creativity to find a way to use these talents in the church and in ministry.

There are emotional talents as well. Some people are excellent listeners. People often feel a sense of relief just knowing they have been listened to. Some people are gifted advisers and counselors who can look at a situation and offer wisdom that is godly and beneficial. Other people are good at giving hugs, or offering words of encouragement or empathy. All of these talents can be used for the glory of God.

christiansgotalent is where we try to harness the talents in Gods children and appreciate God and His people for it.

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